NO negotiations BEFORE 50!


A football team preparing for a match does not discuss its tactics with the opponents.

England expects that every man will do his duty. (Churchill)

England expects that the PM and MPs will do their duty of honouring the task of leaving the EU according to the wishes of English people. But, giving proportionate attention to Scotland, N. Ireland and Wales.

The EU terms firmly state that negotiations cannot commence until Article 50 is signed. Why then is Theresa May indulging in talks with EU leaders?

Why has the EU abandoned its principles by stating that Britain needs more time to prepare?

Preparations cannot be negotiations, so why the discussions? They can only be that the EU sees them as an advantage in favour of what they desire.

There are positive policies that cannot be violated.

1 Complete withdrawal from the EU.

2 No freedom of movement for EU nationals.

3 No trading arrangements tied to conditions set by the EU. Britain must be free to make deals with all countries of the world. The possibilities are enormous. The EU may choose to be obstructive. That will not be in the interests of those EU members that want to strike deals with Britain. It will be for them to extricate themselves from Brussels red tape.

4 The severing of Britain from all aspects of legal, social and financial commitments to the EU. The Brussels laws on Human Rights must be quickly replaced by British ones drawn up according to our needs.



Playground hate crime?


‘Daily Mail.’  Schools may be forced to record incidents of hate crime under a crackdown unveiled by the Government today. [What folly! Haven’t teachers got enough to contend with?]

Kids: Big Brothers and Sisters are watching you.

Head teachers will be told to log EVERY [!] case of anti Muslim, anti Semitic, homophobic or other bullying in the classroom or in the playground. [This is a bid to stamp it out.]

It will allow the Department of Education to carry out an assessment of the levels of hate crime [crime?] in primary and secondary schools.

More work for pen pushers and highly paid ‘experts’ and consultants. How will this mountain of useless information help to do anything at all?

If anything it will increase tensions. ‘Guilty’ children must be cautioned and told that their actions are being recorded. Rebellious kids will fight back. Parents will protest against what they may see as unfair acts against their children.

Will some pupils be highlighted as racists, or whatever? From then on to add to even more records of the police.

How about ‘attacks’ by Muslim children on white’ infidels’?

Common antagonistic behaviour of school children, many of whom are virtually ‘colour blind,’ has always been the norm, even decades ago when foreigners were rarely seen in schools.

‘Four eyes,’ [kids with glasses] Fatty, skinny, sissy. Even ‘spas’ ‘village’ [idiot] b…d,   f…r and all else.

In those days it would have been laughable for notions that meticulously kept records would make the slightest bit of difference.

Enter Amber Rudd, stage right:

“It is completely unacceptable for people to be suffer abuse or attacks because of their nationality or ethnic background. Well, I have a very clear message for them. We will not stand for it. [Unacceptable? Stand for it? more meaningless words. Strife is the nature of life.]

Rudd continues. “This Government is determined to build a Britain that works for everyone.” [Haven’t we heard that before?] “Hatred has no place whatsoever in a 21st. century Britain because we are united [Are we?] by values such as democracy, free speech, mutual respect and opportunity for all.” [All?]

“We are the sum of our parts- a proud, diverse [Not actually by choice] society. Hatred does not get a seat at the table [No, it occurs in streets and buildings.] and we will do everything we can to stamp it out.” [At the table? with big boots?]

Muddied EU water. May and Johnson.


A few weeks back Brussels firmly stated that negotiations cannot commence until Article 50 has been signed. Françoise Hollande remains firm on that.

BUT:  EU, May and Johnson have muddied the water of what should be crystal clear objectives.   There is no transparency!

Theresa May appears to have carried on from where Cameron left off. Boris Johnson, who is assisted by two powerful remainder industrialists, supports her.

Boris Johnson said he was confidant a deal could be struck that would allow the UK access to the single market with LIMITS [?] on free market rules.                                                        [He says nothing about Article 50]

Long ago I suspected Boris Johnson accepted his prime post on condition that he did not hamper May’s strategies. My suspicions have been magnified.

In the meantime David Davis is relaxing in his fake ministerial post enjoying his great salary and perks.

The ‘Daily Herald’ made headlines of the plan for Britain to have limited powers to curb immigration in return for access to the EU single market. This would mean the payment of millions to remain part of the trade bloc.

Diplomats suggested that Britain could be allowed [!] an ’emergency brake’ on immigration for up to [?] seven years.

The ‘Daily Mail’ confines this dreadful news to less than one page, whilst using headlines and massive space on that scoundrel, Phillip Green.

However, it is pointed out that anti EU backbench MPs are adamant that Brexit means Brexit. They do not trust Mrs. May not to surrender to Brussels. Up to 25 MPs are threatening rebellion unless she delivers a ‘hard Brexit’ that properly severs ties with Brussels.

Mr. Redwood said, “The rest of the EU is missing the point. There should be no negotiations over taking back control of these important matters.

Steve Baker said, “British migration policy needs to be operated on the basis of British citizenship, not EU citizenship.”

Sir Bill Cash said, “Britain cannot remain inside the single market. If you’re out you’re out.”

Angela Eagle’s broken ‘office’ window.


It’s not exactly true.

Peter Hitchens of the Daily Mail writes:

“Remember that broken window in Angela Eagle’s office in Wallasey that was supposed to have been broken? Remember the insinuation that this had been done by wicked Corbynites? Well, I asked police and they told me the window wasn’t that of Mrs. Eagle’s office. It was the window of a stairway and halfway in a building, which Wallasey Labour Party shares with several others.”

[So, it could have been an act against the Party, or of  vandalism, or even an accident.]

CLICK PICTURE Plight of Bangladesh workers. Who is to blame?


The headlines of the ‘Mail on Sunday’ were astonishing.

QUOTE. ‘T.SHIRTS sold to raise money for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Leadership campaign are being made by poverty stricken workers earning just 30p an hour, the Mail on Sunday can reveal.’

To blacken Jeremy’s name on that account is disgraceful. How many people are wearing expensively priced clothes made in Bangladesh, without even knowing it?

30p an hour cannot be compared to the value of that amount in Britain. Although pitiful, it will buy a simple meal in Bangladesh.

What contributes to such meagre rewards for workers in countries like Bangladesh?

The answer is competitive capitalism.

International buyers strike very raw deals with Bangladesh manufacturers. This leads to workers on long hours and low wages.

It is about ruthless, immoral trading for maximum profits.

How low can SUNDAY MAIL go?


The Mail on Sunday devoted a whole page to venomously attack Jeremy Corbyn. Inside is more poison. Their caption can be fired back at them.

In what way can this paper gain from such defilement?


They know that Jeremy Corbyn is almost certain to remain the Labour Party leader.

If his character and policies are blackened fewer people will vote for Labour. That would give the Conservatives a larger majority. However, that could backfire. Voters are sick of the Conservatives, so very many will support other emerging parties.

CLICK PICTURE. UKIP. Seize the day!


The way is paved for UKIP to emerge all-powerful, perhaps as the United Kingdom Party.

It would also be good for other parties, including the much-maligned BNP to have voices in Parliament.

Dotcom Entrepreneur Martha Lane-Fox and ex Liberal Democrat Paddy Ashdown came together to launch a new progressive political movement named, ‘More United UK.’

The Conservatives might end up in a Parliament without a majority, resulting in deals between the most powerful to gain control.

CLICK PICTURE Disgraceful words against Corbyn.


Dan Hodges, Daily Mail.

Re election cannot alter this simple fact. The leader of the Labour Party is not a nice or decent man. He is a coward, a hypocrite, a bully and a fraud.

Dan Hodges based this nastiness on fragments of trivial gossip. So, what do his words tell us? That Dan Hodges is not a decent man. He is a hypocrite who reveals his character by his own words.

Jeremy Corbyn is generally recognised as a good man with praiseworthy idealistic principles. He is certainly worthy to lead a party. However, this would most likely be based on communist principles. Jeremy Corbyn could be the left-wing voice of a party not in opposition.

Communism was based on writers dating well back in history. Greed and power-lust arose among the ranks that led people to their doom.

Lenin’s Russia progressed up to the time of Gorbachev who triggered the rise of Russian oligarchs who have amassed monstrous wealth and power.

Chairman Mao was a brilliant man credited with numerous wise ‘sayings.’ He could not have foreseen the disastrous result of his major policies. China has become the home of an ever-increasing number of millionaires and billionaires.

These Women Irritate Me.


Yes, they irritate me.  Having said that, if they were all men I would feel the same way.

Theresa May. Delay of Brexit. Hands in every pie.
Amber Rudd. She hates Brexit. Her brother, Robbie Rudd, was instrumental in flogging many of Britain’s top businesses. Involved is selling ARM. Amber Rudd should declare a conflict of interest.
Nicola Sturgeon. Trying to frustrate Brexit. Interested in Scotland only.
Angela Merkel Welcomed a million migrants into Germany, thereby making problems for her country and the EU.
Hilary Clinton. Just for being a Clinton who is not much liked in America.

THERESA MAY and Wolsey.


CLICK PICTURE.  Will Theresa My turn out to be like Cardinal Wolsey?

Cardinal Wolsey (1530) was the most dictatorial Chancellor England had ever known.

He is not so high, in his hierarchy,

Of frantic frenesy, and foolish fantasy.

That in the Chamber of Stars, all matters there he mars.

Rapping his rod on the board, no man may speak a word.

For he hath all the saying, without any renaying.